Raving Fans

Raving Fans

"I am so grateful that a colleague insisted on referring me to David when I mentioned I was looking to purchase my first home. I now understand why she recommended him so strongly!
I was in a unique position as a young, first-time home buyer whose entire family is on the West Coast, meaning we had no previous knowledge of the Toronto market. I was also nervous about their limited ability to physically be with me throughout the process, but David taught me everything I needed to know, all while making my parents feel 100% at ease. My mom often said things like “David knows what he’s doing, trust him completely” and “I love how thorough David is,” and I know it meant a lot to them to know I was in good hands.
I also want to mention that I have some specific needs in a home, and David never questioned my asks – he took it all in stride, adjusted our search as needed, and was always supportive (even making every effort to accommodate my current injury as we did showings). If you’re looking to buy your first home, definitely reach out to David - I am thrilled with my condo and can’t imagine ever wanting to leave, but if one day I make that decision, I know who to call!"


- Kelli Wheatley


"It was a pleasure to have David Stoddard as our agent, both in buying and selling for our move.  David accomplishes the four c’s in service with professionalism. 

First, his competence with the finances, management and business matters of the process demonstrated continuously, putting Leonard and me at our ease

Second, his courtesy is exemplary. Simply put, David has a gentleman’s polish in his manner and social demeanour. 

Third, David’s consistency in manner is unwavering.  David maintains a sense of professional calm at all times, giving an acute focus on every detail with equal attention.  David manages all affairs with the same precision and politeness whenever we dealt with him.

Fourth, our confidence in David’s expertise was totally warranted.  When there was a problem, David suggested viable options, never pushing us to one or the other but respecting our judgment, gave us the background for us to make informed decisions on our direction.  When we needed other professionals, David’s list of associates provided us with the best.

Should we need an agent in the future, David Stoddard will be our first call.  I encourage others to place the trust we have had in his services."

- David Gamble & Leonard Tam


” For many people, purchasing their first property is one of the most significant decisions they would make. There are several unknowns and a recurring thought of “what if ” never goes away. As I experienced, the right realtor can address many of those nagging concerns and actually ease the stress of purchase.

I was introduced to David Stoddard through one of my relatives. It was early February, the property market was unusually hot and I had little idea about how i should pursue purchasing one. David sat me down in his office, walked me through a process that a prudent buyer should follow and after that, just listened.

It took me about six months to locate the property i liked and could afford. I went through about nine properties and not once did David attempt to force my hand. He gave his genuine feedback every time and allowed me to make the call.

It would be a struggle to find a realtor as professional, patient and focused as David and I highly recommend that buyers consider having him as their realtor to make their property hunt a positively memorable one.”

- Sudeep K



"My experience selling my condo with David Stoddard was amazing! 


As a first time seller, I leaned on David's expertise heavily. He organized everything (lighting, painting, staging) and when it was time to list, my unit looked amazing.  The multimedia presentation and listings looked excellent. 

We had accepted an offer within 24 hours of listing!

David is a consummate professional, organized, patient, and always quick to respond to any inquiries.

Whether buying or selling, I highly recommend using David as a realtor!"

-John Kelsey 



"Buying your first home is a big deal, which comes with both nerves and excitement. David Stoddard first met with Caylen and I to discuss what it is we can actually afford, including unforeseen costs. This exercise was a huge benefit to help narrow down what it is we can actually purchase. We received listings and he was always upfront and frank about certain properties that would come up. When we did find our new home, David guided us through the process with patience and experience with a quick response.

Thank you, David! We will definitely recommend your service and expertise."

-Matthew and Caylen


- Nadim, Noorin and Ayla



"David was a great asset to have in our search for a first home. He was incredibly patient with us, as we were novices to the real estate world. He was very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the real estate business, and would frequently predict with high accuracy how much a unit would sell. He put in a tremendous amount of work on our behalf, and much of it was done on tight schedules to meet offer dates and closing dates. He was a pleasure to work with."

- Chris and Sylvia




- Jorge A



- Zak and Nicola



- Megan P



"As first-time home buyers working with David was a pleasure. He made sure we fully understood the processes involved in buying a home, and answered the numerous questions we had along the way. Always quick to reply, we felt at ease working with him. David showed us homes that met our needs, but did not exceed our limitations. We felt confident knowing that our best interests were kept in mind, and that he was putting his best effort forward to find the perfect fit for us. We love our first home, and could not have found it without David's expertise and the excellent professionals he works with. We would most definitely refer David to any of our friends or family members." 

Many thanks,

- Emily & Matt 




- Miguel M


- Marco and Cecilia B.


" Real estate agents are a dime dozen, but quality realtors are very hard to come by. As a first time home buyer I was very skeptical about the process and very weary of all the traps that are set out by agents and brokers to swindle uninformed consumers of their hard earned money. With David Stoddard I was able to be very transparent with all my concerns for which he had great answers every time. I learned a great deal about the market and the process and was able to confidently land an amazing property in the Distillery District in November this year. If you are a first time home buyer who wants to make an educated choice I highly recommend David and his team. No surprise fees, no unexpected scenarios, my purchase and experience was very smooth. He knows the market very well and is very realistic about what worked for me and what didn't. He suggested a mortgage broker who got me into a very good mortgage with a boutique lender. I had an accountant friend of mine look over the deal and he was surprised by the conditions and flexibility of the mortgage. I am very satisfied with his services and highly recommend him as an agent! 

Thanks David."

- Clinton B.


"Hey David, just wanted to thank you for getting such a good price on the sale. I couldn't believe it was real until the sale actually closed. Appreciate it. "

- Nathaniel K


"David was an absolute pleasure to work with.  He is very professional, friendly, knowledgeable, reliable, and honest.  He is also incredibly on the ball, and always made time for us.  I have worked with several real estate agents in the past, and was impressed with David's service every step of the way.  I highly recommend him, and am very happy I will never have to look for another agent again - I will use David's services every time!"

- Sheliza B



- Mike P



" I've been on David Stoddard’s mailing list for many years. It wasn't until May 2016 that I decided to reach out to him and to meet David in person. I was about to make  one of the worst decisions of my life,  which was to sell my house and to buy a condo. As soon as I mentioned that idea to him he almost jumped out of his chair. Instead, David guided me along a different path. First, he advised me to straighten up my financial situation and then look into purchasing an investment property. I was currently in a bad mortgage product and had some high interest debts significantly affecting my monthly cash-flow. David proposed that I pay out my current mortgage, refinance the house with a better mortgage product and pay off my debts. These steps made a huge positive impact on my monthly cash flow. With my finances in order David proposed step 2. At first, I had a fixed idea of buying a resale investment condo in the downtown core but David suggested another idea based on my personal budget, which he had me prepare.  David introduced the idea of purchasing a pre-construction condo at the Platinum price level in an up and coming area of Toronto. I wasn't completely sure at first but with all his guidance and wealth of knowledge I couldn't feel more confident that I made the right choice for my future. David was always available throughout the whole process, even when he was on vacation. David answered the many emails I kept sending him with all my doubts and concerns and he always provided clear explanations.

Thank you David for guiding me on building my real estate portfolio. "

- Francisco Orta  


- Dorothy Snell



- Mat E



- Rudy and Jeanette


-Tiffany H


" My wife and I were referred to David Stoddard through a family member, from whom he came highly recommended after finding them a condo unit a few years earlier. Similarly, my wife and I were looking to purchasing our first condo in the Toronto market. From the onset in working with David, his primary goal was educating us on everything from preparing a budget to understanding the various legal documents. We even had homework to do! Once he started showing us places, we felt he always had our best interests at heart. Each place we visited, he took his time outlining aspects of the place he either liked or didn't like, many times helping us consider elements we would not have considered on our own. 

We easily developed a high level of trust and rapport with David that we truly believe would have been very difficult to find with any other realtor. If you're looking for someone who will educate you on the process and always have your best interests at heart, David Stoddard is your man. "

- Graham and Steph



" Our experience working with David could be summed up in two simple words: effortless and thorough. During our first conversation with David, we were straight forward when saying that we would probably be the most difficult clients he’s worked with due to working in the architectural and development field. Luckily for us, this did not faze him. David is extremely organized and has a vast knowledge of the entire real estate process, thus ensuring that his clients do not get ahead of themselves. His regimented routine goes in detail by noting your specific requirements within a property, cash flow analysis to ensure you are not “house poor” and an overall explanation of the purchasing process. David can easily think outside the box allowing for an extensive criteria search, maximizing available property listings. It is quite obvious that today’s market is extremely competitive and stressful, however David ensured that the process did not become overwhelming by managing the minutia of details. It should be noted that David’s attributes do not stop there as he has access to a well versed team of real estate lawyers who will act quickly to finalize all paperwork and answer any questions you may have; no matter how ludicrous you may think they are. Based on our recent experience, we would not hesitate to use David again in the future and to recommend him to everyone we know."

- Chris and Kate


" David is the best you could ask for when it comes to real estate agents. He showed me many places and knew exactly what I was looking for after our first time meeting. He was always available for any questions or assistance and has a great team that helped me with mortgages and ensuring I had everything I needed to get the perfect place. It’s safe to say without him I would be lost and I could not recommend anyone more that I would recommend David Stoddard, especially for first time buyers."

- Sam N.


" We would highly recommend potential purchasers to commence their journey by attending a Buyer Planning Session with David Stoddard.  David took the time and with patience and diligence worked with the information that we provided to make a work of art.  Our vision was placed on paper in a precise and professional manner for us to review.  The journey to home ownership begins with having a sound plan, the organization/reorganization of our goals and precise focus.  The planning session was effective on highlighting our strengths and weaknesses and our expected costs. It provided a wealth of information.  All our questions were answered.  We can now see clearly ahead.

David thanks for all your time and efforts.  Keep doing what you are doing."

- T & S Brown.



" I recently purchased my first condo in Toronto with David's expert help. I am so happy with my new home and I 100% owe this to David. He helped me zero in on the type of condo and area that would suit me best. He is professional and very responsive. I really felt like I had a partner guiding me through the real estate game. When I need to sell and buy again, I will be calling David. I highly recommend his services."

- Jaclyn C.


" David, You're a great guy and a top professional. A very easy recommendation."

-Allan and Colleen


" Maxine and I wanted to thank you sincerely for all the work you did for us and how simple you made this process. We are truly excited to be in our new home soon and couldn't be happier with the service we received.

Working in a customer service environment, I can truly appreciate when someone provides an elevated level of professionalism and service. Your industry knowledge consistently reassured us that we were headed in the right direction and for that, we are very grateful. 

Thanks again David for everything."

- Nigel & Maxine. 


" My husband and I initially met with David Stoddard in the fall of 2013 when we were looking for a home. He took the time to meet with us to help us understand all the work you need to do in order to be in a position to buy a home. For me, this was service above and beyond! Next, David took us to see some homes. We decided to not buy at that time and a year later when we met with David again, it was like no time had passed.

 My number one tip for working with David is to remember that he wants to help you find what you need and he does this with no pressure. Communicate with him and ask questions. David is a great listener and an expert in his field. If you are honest about what you want, he will find it for you.

 We have decided not to look for a home right now but David did recently help us with the successful sale of a property. From start to finish, he guided us through the process taking care of all the details for a good number of showings right down to helping us find a lawyer at closing.

David comes with a great team of people friendly experts. They are as professional and caring as he is.

David a great person. You would be lucky to have him in your corner!"

-Faiza and Earvin Venzant



"David Stoddard helped me with my first condo purchase in Toronto and the experience was excellent.

David is professional and responsive which was crucial in the fast paced Toronto market.

The best part about the experience though was David's knowledge base, and that it was just as important to him as it was to me to stay within budget.

I highly recommend David.”

- John C.

“ I am very happy with the service I received from David Stoddard.

He made the buying process easy, making sure that both he and I had enough information upfront to inform the decision making process throughout.

In particular, I was concerned given the short time frame I had that I would be able to get a property that suited my needs .  David assured me that I would and in the end, I did.

I will recommend David to others. “

- Sam G.

“ I recently purchased my very first condo, and could not have asked for a better realtor!

Being a first time home buyer, I had no idea what I was getting myself in to, but with David Stoddard and his team's help, the process as a breeze!

He helped me from start to finish - even helping me with my cash flow!

David was helpful, understanding, prompt, professional and knowledgeable.

I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends or family, especially those who are going in to the real estate market for the first time!

Thanks for everything David, I love my new place!”

- Kristen C.

"My significant other and I were looking to move to downtown Toronto on a rather short notice, and David Stoddard was very helpful!

He found us a perfect place, it is exactly what we wanted.

David gives great advice, he is very professional and is a real expert on downtown homes. We are forever grateful for his help!

I will gladly recommend David to friends and family."

- Samantha Smith

"My wife and I approached David  Stoddard long before we decided to sell our condo on King West in downtown Toronto. David provided us with some great advice which made the listing process easy and painless. He provided us with tips on how to make the space show well and on how to get the greatest exposure for our listing. His research on comparable sales in the area was spot on. He gave us a good idea on listing price, which ultimately led to an extremely fast sale.

After we sold our condo, David immediately jumped into a search for the perfect starter home. He methodically mapped out areas in the city that he thought would be ideal for us and he gave us some great insight on all of the different neighbourhoods. We viewed a wide range of properties with David, and throughout this time, his patience was remarkable. He was always upfront with us about his opinions, and never tried to rush us into a purchase. He was great at pointing out everything from the age of the windows, to potential flaws in the structural foundation. His experience really helped us to make informed decisions and even led us to walk away from a few homes.

David eventually found us the perfect home. He contacted us one morning and identified a property that would have otherwise been off our radar. The purchase couldn't have been any easier. We are so thrilled with our new home!

Through all of this, David's work was superb. Not only did we find the perfect home, we also developed a life-long friendship with David.

Thanks for all your hard work!"

- Dana and Jeff

" It was a real pleasure to work with David Stoddard on my search for a new home. David’s advice, patience and availability made the process go as smoothly for me as possible. I believe I have found a condo that will really suit me for a long time to come. I will be happy to recommend David to anyone seeking a great real estate agent!"

-Gaby A. 

" David Stoddard helped my fiance and I buy our first home this past winter. The entire experience was great because of David’s ability to educate and guide us through the purchasing process. He knew when to be detailed and when to keep it simple. I’ve already recommended David to other friends and would buy another home with David. "

- Josh and Chantal

“I was convinced that being not only new to the city of Toronto but the country itself would present dozens of seemingly insurmountable issues for us during the home purchase process… However, thanks to David Stoddard’s wealth of experience and rich history working with newcomers just like myself, our unique situation and bounty of questions were all met with well thought-out, patient, and knowledgeable responses from David during our planning session. Thanks to David, we now have a strong plan of execution moving forward!"

- Earvin Venzant, Jr.

"As a first time home buyer, my biggest concern is my budget and preventing those typical 'uneducated' mistakes that most first-time home buyers make.  David's Stoddard's Condo Tour offers touring different areas in Toronto to learn what you can afford, as well as the different condo styles available.  This can be a huge wake up call for most, and it is best to learn from it early on in your search.  David has a quick grasp in understanding what you want, and with his easy-going attitude,  there's no doubt you'll feel comfortable.   From the very start you get the sense that he has your best interest at heart by providing a lot of  advice in terms of what you should watch out for.  He is very knowledgeable about the market and answers all your questions and concerns.  I recommend the tour to anyone looking to purchase a condo".

- Gaby A 

“We met David Stoddard for a Buyer Planning Session where he answered all of our questions clearly and concisely . David gave us the courage to buy our first home. David is very professional and knowledgeable and helped us in every step of the home buying process. His honesty and attention to always looking after our best interests helped us make the right decision. We are happy and satisfied with our first home and we are already enjoying the feeling of having our own house. Mere words are not sufficient to thank David for his service but we will be grateful and thankful to him forever!”

- Karishma and Farhad

“As first time home buyers, the prospect of tackling Toronto’s housing market was  daunting… or daunting until we sat down with David Stoddard.  Although we were pre-approved for our mortgage, David re-worked all of our numbers so that we  had a realistic sense of what a house in Toronto was going to cost us – and  what we could actually afford without overextending ourselves.  David was  always quick and responsive to our numerous questions and helped us feel  confident in our decisions, never pressuring us in one direction or the other,  but rather patient and supportive. Based on our experience, finding the  right home is a full time job, but one that was made infinitely easier with  David’s insight, advice and honesty. We won’t hesitate to refer David to our friends and enlist his services in any future housing adventures!”

- Mark & Lianne

“Our young family recently sold our downtown townhome and purchased a detached 3+2 home with David Stoddard.

This was the second time David represented us.  I have known David for a total of five years.

For those looking for exceptional client service, a highly organized, accountable,
patient not pushy, and truly knowledgeable and talented agent – go with David.

David listened to what was important to us, and paid attention to how we felt throughout the entire process.  We found David to be exceptionally client-focused, and honest about the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of the large inventory we saw.  David had our best interests at heart. He made himself available when we needed him, and spent considerable time and energy to research market comparisons.  As a result, David offered timely and solid advice regarding what properties were
truly worth.  His estimated appraisal value of homes was bang on, time and again.

More than once, David guided us away from making bad decisions, based on what he knew we truly wanted, and he respected our budget parameters.  There is a lot of ‘lipstick’ out there, and you need an agent you can trust to guide one of the most expensive and important purchases you’ll ever make – towards true value. David Stoddard is hands-down, that agent.”

-Talene, Sami and Lilia.

 "The Lunch and Learn session was incredibly helpful. David Stoddard and Jerome Trail provided a friendly and casual atmosphere, where they openly shared their knowledge of the process involved in home/condo buying. As a first time perspective buyer, I was overwhelmed with all of the information out there. David provided me with an organized view of where to begin and how to proceed. He answered my questions sincerely and related anecdotes from his experience. Jerome explained and simplified mortgages for me honestly and articulately. I feel much better equipped to begin my search and I’m looking forward to working with both David and Jerome. “

- Michelle C

“I did want to thank you very much for all of your help on this. I have to say that I’ve not often dealt with realtors – choosing to buy and sell privately – since virtually all of my realtor experiences have been poor ones. My experience with David Stoddard was different though … finally someone who actually delivered on what I’ve always expected from a realtor but never received … i.e. help at every step of the process – no hesitance to get involved to ensure the best outcome possible. I truly did appreciate all of your help and advice.”

- Pierre Pinet

“We could not have imagined a better first time home buying experience.  From the start, David Stoddard walked us through the process and ensured we had a strong understanding of the Toronto market all while balancing our budget.  David was incredibly patient with us as we went on viewings together; always open to discussing both the pros and cons of potential homes.  We never once felt pressured throughout our search.  David was always organized, on time, and returned phone calls/emails right away. The overall process was low stress, and his sense of humour transformed our home search from something stressful to something fun.  We are so thankful to David for helping us find a place that we now call home.  We would absolutely recommend his service to our friends and family.”

Allan and Colleen (First time home buyers)

“This is my first time working with David Stoddard nd he was extremely helpful in finding me my first condo in downtown Toronto. As someone with little experience in the Toronto market, David walked me through the entire process, educating me on how the market works and what to look for as a buyer and ultimately a seller. He is always available to bounce ideas off of, discuss new listings and take you out on viewings to give you a real good handle of what is available in the market at in your price range. He has the ability to put himself in your shoes as a buyer to help find the property that suits you the best. I have already and will continue to recommend David to friends and family looking for an honest, trustworthy and loyal realtor. Thanks again David for making my buying experience seamless and as stress free as possible!”

- Colin Williams

 "As first time home-buyers my husband and I were faced with the piles of information and housing options that is available out there. David Stoddard was very patient and took his time to explaining everything to us, and narrowing down our location search. After a few ups and downs on our end David helped us through everything with such professionalism and positive energy that we throughly enjoyed the entire home buying process. He did not hesitate to show us house, after house, after house, after house, until we finally found our dream home!
David is a dedicated real estate agent with a great sense of humour!
He is responsive, efficient, pays attention to detail, and follows through on everything he says. We would not hesitate to use his services again, nor to recommend him to our friends and colleagues.

Thanks David!!”

- Daniel & Ine

” I have worked with David Stoddard twice now and have had nothing but exceptional service. He goes out of his way to provide you with all the information you need, plus all the extras. He is quick to respond to all questions and understands the market very well. David makes the home buying experience less intimidating and I would recommend him to anybody looking for a professional, knowledgeable realtor.”

 - Kristy Hilton

“Over a life time the average person will meet over 10,000 people but how many
do you remember? I have known David Stoddard for a number of years and during that time he has demonstrated integrity. He has demonstrated commitment to causes greater than himself but most of all, David has demonstrated that ability to care for people and I can think of no higher calling. He truly is one of those rare people you are lucky to know and will never want to forget."

- Dean Sampano

“I was still new to Toronto and a first time homebuyer – not only did I know absolutely nothing about the home-buying process, but I did not have friends or family nearby to consult.  By the Grace of God I found David Stoddard to guide me through the process. 

I have immense appreciation for the time that David spent with me, educating me about the entire process of home buying, from budgeting and mortgage options to the nature of the buyer agent/client relationship, market trends, and making offers to purchase.  What was extremely helpful for me was to begin the process with a budget review.  Even though I am careful with money and review my personal budget regularly, going through this process in the context of setting a realistic purchase price was so helpful, and aided by David’s gentle advice.  Closing costs were not a ‘surprise’ at the end as they can be for some – all of these additional costs were estimated before I starting looking at properties, and before I even signed an agreement with David. 

Having moved 16 times in the last 20 years, I can say I’m well practiced at choosing suitable rentable homes.  But buying is different, and mistakes can be financially and emotionally devastating.  Every time I looked at condo units with David, I learned something I hadn’t thought of before, that could affect the suitability or resale value of the unit in the future.  Typical ‘salesmen’ will focus only on the positive and be hard-pressed to point out potential pitfalls.  But David is not typical.  He is a truly exceptional person and businessperson.

By the time I was ready to purchase, I felt perfectly comfortable with the process, even in a multiple offer situation.  In fact, by the time we were done I ended up buying two condo units – a preconstruction unit and one to live in while it is being built.  Thinking beyond real estate, I struggle to think of any business experience I have had with someone that was more thorough, straight forward, accessible, easy to communicate with, efficient, impeccable in every respect, and with a client’s best interests at the forefront. 

David also has excellent referrals for all related services, and he coordinates with them extremely well.  Anyone who meets David’s high standards must be an excellent service provider.  This resulted in a seamless, stress-free, experience.  Needless to say, I offer the highest recommendation for David for any home buyer. ”

- Christine Hotz

” I am a single professional woman and recently worked with David Stoddard to buy a home. This was not my first time buying a house; however, it was my first time buying a house on my own.

While I was looking forward to owning a home again, I was not looking forward to the whole home-buying process, as I had heard some negative things about the Real Estate industry. Also, I don’t have a lot of background or interest in home maintenance, so I didn’t want to end up with a home that would require a lot of work or have hidden costs or problems.

David provided great service from the beginning of the home-buying process to the end. He is very professional and organized which is important to me as I have a busy life and wanted to be efficient in my search. He did his research and had a process for the search that worked for me and my schedule. He listened to what I said and pretty much nailed the type of house I wanted right away.

During the home viewings, David paid attention to the details in each house such as checking the age of the windows, the furnace, the roof, evidence of water leakage, etc.,  and was able to respond to my questions and I had lots of them.

David helped me secure the home I wanted in a competitive bid situation, and brought a good sense of humour to the whole experience. Overall, I love my house and would highly recommend David.” 

-  Merrill Matthews



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