Free Buyer Planning Session

Free Buyer Planning Session

The Buyer Planning Session Gives You Knowledge And Focus!

At the beginning of the home buying journey, there are so many questions to be answered, so many 'How do I's...' to be learned.

We've learned that being able to meet with the home buyer up front, even if their purchase date is 6-12 months or more away, really works the best for the purchaser!

The Buyer Planning Session is perfect for strategizing "What comes next" and will help you accomplish your goals and dreams of home ownership in a very orderly, organized fashion.

At the Buyer Planning Session you'll...

  • Get a plan for reducing or consolidating any current debt
  • Learn several ways to start, or improve upon, a down payment savings program
  • Hear about what credit issues may arise when applying for a mortgage and how to deal with them starting right now
  • Find out how much money banks may be willing to lend you for a mortgage based on your current financial situation
  • Help in planning your personal budget
  • Expert advice to plan for the hidden costs when purchasing a house or condo.
  • Be given some clarity about what steps you need to start working on right now in order to move forward with your dream of home ownership

The Buyer Planning Session takes between 45-60 minutes and takes place at our office in a quiet and private setting.

This is absolutely the best way to get started. Our clients have told us so:

“I was convinced that being not only new to the city of Toronto but the country itself would present dozens of seemingly insurmountable issues for us during the home purchase process… However, thanks to David Stoddard’s wealth of experience and rich history working with newcomers just like myself, our unique situation and bounty of questions were all met with well thought-out, patient, and knowledgeable responses from David during our planning session. Thanks to David, we now have a strong plan of execution moving forward! –Earvin Venzant, Jr.”

Remember, Sellers fear educated Buyers.

Should you decide to meet with me for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION  planning session please complete the form on this page.

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